Photoshopping Jesus


Today we are bombarded by social media, there is just no getting around it. Everywhere we go we are looking for our next Instagram post.  We view sunsets through an iPhone camera, we hang out with people for the sole reason of posting a Snapchat to prove it happened, and we spend more time posting pictures of our Bible than actually reading it.  I feel like God has laid something on heart, and I have decided to share it with you.   This topic is about “social media evangelism”.  I personally feel convicted to take a look at my motives when posting or re-posting on social media. Why you ask? Here are my reasons.

First,  if the only thing that speaks to you that I am a Christian is my online presence then there is a problem.  If my bible verses, Christian posts, and pictures of my bible is all you know about my walk with Christ then something is wrong.  If you are around me and I say nothing about Christ and what He is doing in my life then He may not be as important to me as He appears to be on Facebook.  If my Facebook wall is filled with Christ, but I struggle to treat my friends and family (or my enemies) with love and respect then I am living a lie.  If my real life self is not the same as my online presence then I am telling a lie, simple as that.  I know it’s harsh but it’s true, living a double life is a lie. People get furious about celebrities for Photoshopping their bodies, but we don’t give a second thought to photoshopping Jesus into our lives on a daily basis.  Christ isn’t looking for an Instagram filter or a cute caption He is looking for your heart.  If our relationship with Christ has become more of a public platform than a personal relationship it’s time to reevaluate.

Secondly,  would we stand up for our faith as strongly in person as we do on the internet?  If confronted or called out for our faith, would we shrug it off or defend it?  Would the words of faith so boldly posted on our Facebook escape from our lips if persecution or humiliation are involved?  I believe we live in a time where being a Christian is kind of “cool”, with more and more people like Justin Bieber sharing their faith from such a mighty platform. With this fad comes the question what happens when it’s not cool anymore?  What happens when photoshopping Christ in to our lives is looked down upon or even persecuted?  When the fad is gone will the faith remain…will we remain? Talking about this fires me up, because I don’t want to be a fan.  I want to know that if the day comes and someone were to say “Do you believe in Jesus?” that without a doubt in my mind I could day “Yes” even if my life were on the line.  Fans will come and go, they will move on to the next big thing, but the children of God will stand firm.

I think the most important thing to do is ask yourself “Why”.  Why are we posting these types of things?  Is it to be cool or artsy or to portray that we have it all figured out?  Are we seeking to glorify God or are we trying to glorify ourselves?  Are we using the Word of God to condemn or “call out” others struggling with issues or treating us unfairly?  Ask yourselves these questions.

I am sharing this because God has convicted me for it, I am being vulnerable with you with the hopes of helping at least one other person who is struggling.  Perhaps like me you didn’t even realize that you are doing it, maybe you were just caught up in the fad.  I want my relationship with Christ to come from my heart and not from the internet and I know you do too!  Yes, sharing great blog posts and Bible verses on the internet may be do a great deal of good, but if our motives are wrong God can’t bless it.  It’s not that He won’t, but He physically can’t. God in His perfection can not stand behind our selfish motives.  Selfishness has no place in the Christian heart.  We can not influence others and still expect to preserve our popularity and reputation.  We have to know that without a shadow of of doubt God is the most important thing in our life.  If your social media accounts were erased today, would anyone know that you were a Christian?  That is the question at hand, the question that I was faced with last night when God gave me this word.

In the end we have nothing to prove, God sees our every move and He knows our every thought.  We do not have to prove to the world that we are good Christians because His love will radiate from our faces and flow from our hearts.  I say it a lot and I will say it again, this world is not our home, heaven is.  Social media is nothing but a tool, for good or for bad. Check your heart and choose wisely before you post.


As Always Lots of Love 💕,

*For more on this topic check out my blog post from May 2015 “Jesus and Social Media”


6 thoughts on “Photoshopping Jesus

  1. At first I didn’t really feel that your post applied to me, but by the end I felt convicted. I do not have alot of social media accounts, and I am generally terrible at managing the accounts I have, so I couldn’t see myself as easily in this. But THEN…I remembered a few posts I had shared on Facebook, and I don’t believe my intention was right in sharing them. God knows; he always knows, and he absolutely cares about the heart of the matter, our intention in doing anything in Jesus’ name.

    This is a good post to get people thinking. Thank you for that.


  2. Very interesting post. I have struggled with trying to build an online presence for income purposes and in more recent prayer times have heard the response that I need to keep my priorities in check. I truly believe that God rewards us when we are on the road meant to walk and if we take an alternate path it is more of a struggle.


  3. You’ve hit on so many important points here. Jumping on the Christian bandwagon is easy when we surround ourselves with talk of God, Jesus, church, and the Bible. It’s when we are faced with the rest of the world that our faith is tested. LOVE the questions you mentioned: are we glorifying God or ourselves with our social media posts? Our behavior is always worth reassessing.


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